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Red Crucible is a 3D First Person Shooter game developed by RocketeerGames Studios in the mid of 2010.The beta was released on December 2010.And on 2011 it was released to the public and is still being updated

The development of Red Crucible started on the middle of 2010 by the indie game developer group RocketeerGames studios.Then on 2011 RocketeerGames decided that Red Crucible is now stable for a public release and on the start of 2012,Red Crucible 2 was released with major improvements like running,more weapons and more maps.

RocketeerGames is making a Jet and new helicopters on the game.The helicopters,jets,and

a brand new map was released on the Test server on Feb 6,2012.The release of the new helicopters,jets,and a map is still unknown but rumors started that it would be release on March 2013 – May 2013 timeframe.


1. Click download button

2. Run your Red Crucible 2

3.Run Wallhack

4. Click on “Proxy on”

5. Have fun !

Wallhack is undetectable ONLY WITH “Proxy ON” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rar password:




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