Golden Manager Hack Tool for Facebook Game! DOWNLOAD!

Islands Of Games by Show Time present:Golden Manager Hack Tool for Facebook Game! DOWNLOAD!! Add unlimited ingots and money! 


Jump into the world of Dragon Pals a free MMO game where you find, raise and fight along side little dragons. These creatures will help you on your quests and become your best pals. Far away in a galaxy unknown to us a small world exists. The gods created this world to be everything that is good and right. The dragons were sent to be the guardians of the human race. However pace can’t last forever. Darkness can appear anywhere, it’s your task to battle against these new unknown forces, which are trying to take our your beautiful world. Do you have what it takes to put the world right? Don’t worry you wont be alone with the help of your dragon friends.

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  1. Download Golden Manager Hack Tool for Facebook Game! DOWNLOAD!
  2. Connect with your facebook account
  3. Start Golden Manager Hack Tool for Facebook Game! DOWNLOAD!
  4. You must detect facebook game, so just type your username and then click CONNECT TO FACEBOOK.
  5. Add your resources !
  6. Press Generate and wait
  7. Enjoy the game!


  • Add unlimited ingots and money !
  • Golden Manager Hack Tool for Facebook Game is undetectable
  • Safe
  • Items will be added within few minutes!
  • Anti-Ban Protect System
  • Fast download
  • User friendly




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