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 * If you have problem with surveys, try other one or wait 24h or try download file using computer, not your iPAD/iPhone etc.



Due to the large amount of questions for us we decide to creat FAQ. I hope it will dispel your doubts and help answer your question.

Why dont you add full movies shows all about hacks and keygens with proofs?

We create only short films with proof screenshots and pieces of the game because we do not have time for this.

The second reason is that the long videos are hard to find in youtube(its’ hard to promote them). Youtube is full of scammers who add only short movies which are pushing our movies down. We also want you to find us.

Why you dont have many comments on your blog?

How often you comment something when its really work? Only real users comments.

Hack, keygen doesnt work?

Make sure that you follow the steps carefully. If you are 100% sure about that you pass all of steps correct, you can report error on live chat(left down corner on site) and wait for the answer.

I cannot cope with downloading the file

Visit “how to download” tab. There are all necessary information.

I’ve report not working tool, how long I have to wait to download again?

All of problems normally are fixed in 24 hours. If tool still dont work, try to report again tool again. Wait for the answer, we will write back when we solve the problem.


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